Congratulations to the following families
who have recently purchased or sold a property!

Curt & Jana Kinder

Chris and Michele Wensell

Rudolfer Family

Ronald & Vickie MacDonald

Bennett Family

Allen & Nicole Weiss

Hughes Family

Michael and Paige Tita

Jane Kramer

Tim McHardy and Andrea White

Justin and Carly Jones

Sean Carson

Dan and Meg Arsenault

Warren Johnson

Andrew Bailey & Jessica Stacey

Peter & Valerie Keay

Erich & Anna Gault

Craig & Shannon Paradise

Tim & Martha Thacker

Thomas Pattinson & Shelly Morrison

Marshall DeVries

Neal & Felicia Benton

Andrew Gabrang

Adam & Jennifer Lowery

Ruth and Andrew Elder

Bob Pickles

Mike and Rebecca Zima

Terry Kilgore

The Lawson Family

Russell & Sarah Guin

Melinda Baden

Terilyn Silvera

Jeremy Kittinger & Jill Chenette

Jonas & Sarina White

Annette Robinson

Andrew & Lauren Norton

Alsatia Brown

Juan Ballesteros

Kregg & Shya Spofford

Kyle Drake

Cory & Jennifer Burrows

Christopher Martin

Susan Graham

Allen & Nicole Weiss

Rick & Deanna Watts

Corey & Michelle Young

Terry & Kaye Vervynck

Jamey & Sheena Peacock

Allison & Julie

Lonnie & Rachel Conditt

Brandon & Jennifer Bailey

Israel & Jennifer Lokietek

Mike & Pam Wilson

Terry & Kaye Vervynck

Rich & Anna Lupo

Tom & Nancy Kersey

The Hoesing Family

Chaz & Tracy Lockman

Jason & Patty Luyk

Chuck & Michelle Arena

Jonathan & Tracy Walters

Alexis & Rob Pashkow

Austin & Ashley Hittinger

Tom & Lenora Lupari

Laquinta Davis

The Thomas Family

The Ducker Family

Yahaira Marin & Emmanuel Perez

The Wilt Family

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