I received a letter, postcard, and/or phone call from a company/investor wanting to buy my home.

Is this a good option for me?

 There are plenty of investors in the market today that are looking for ways to make a profit in the real estate market.  Some cash investors throw out low-ball offers to see if they can find a motivated seller to take advantage of.  Some companies like Open Door and Zillow (also called iBuyers), make lower cash offers on homes that don’t need much work but are still looking to make a profit. They claim to take the stress out of the transaction and try to make it sound like they don’t charge commissions (but in reality, they charge much higher fees than traditional realtors). 

 There are some important differences that should be taken into consideration before you decide if this is a good option for you.

· Purchase Price – most of the time their offer is much lower than market value.   

· Fees/commissions – Typically the fees associated with this option are much higher than a traditional realtor.  Their fees range from 8 – 12% which is much more than the typical realtor charges of 5- 6%.

· Repairs – While an iBuyer may not require you to make repairs physically on your home, they will charge you for any item they believe will be needed to make the home more marketable (new carpet/flooring, paint, appliances etc).  This can add up to thousands of dollars typically.   

 Here is a comparison analysis of listing with our team vs using the iBuyer option.  This is based on an actual, recent example in our area:

5 BR/ 4 BA Home with approximately 3,000 sqft in very good condition

#1)  iBuyer Offer:  Offered $390,000 and charging an 11.5% fee…Total of $44,275

#2)  Berrang Team:   Sold at $435,000 ($45,000 higher than iBuyer offer), only charging 6% total commission….Total of $26,100  (which is a savings of $18,175 over iBuyer fees)

 Overall Net Savings of $63,175 when listed with The Berrang Team!!!

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And, if you choose to work with us we will offer you a Free Home Warranty on the sale or purchase of your home at closing!

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